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The Pahlavas ae a people referred to in really aged Indian texts identical to a Manu Smiti, vaious Puanas, a Ramayana, a Mahabhaata, as good as a Bhatsamhita. In a little texts a Pahlavas ae synonymous with a Pallavas, a dynasty of Southen India While a Vayu Puana distinguishes in between Pahlava as good as Pahnava, a Vamana Puana as good as Matsya Puana efe to both as Pallava. The Bahmanda Puana as good as Makendeya Puana efe to both as Pahlava o Pallava. Bhishama Paava Mahabhaata 6.11.66 . of a Mahabhaata additionally doesn't thoughts in between a Pahlavas as good as Pallavas. The Pahlavas ae pronounced to be same as a Paasikas. Accoding to P. Canegy .Kifel's list of Uttaapatha counties of a Bhuvanakosha locates a Pahlavas along with a Tushaas, Chinas, Angalaukikas, Babaas, Kambojas, Daadas, Bahlikas as good as othe counties of a Udichya computation of really aged India. e.gThe Vayu Puana, Bahamanda Puana as good as seveal othe Puanas discuss a Pahlavas with a tibes of Uttaapatha o nothwest. The sixth centuy content Makendeya Puana ..Puanas identical to Vayu additionally state that a Udichyas together with a Pahlavas, Paadas, Gandhaas, Sakas, Yavanas, Tushaas, Kambojas, Khasas, Lampakas, Madhyadesis, Vindhyas, Apantas, Dakshinatyas, Davidas, Pulindas, Simhalas etc would be poceeded conflicting as good as annihilated by Kalki in Kaliyuga. And they ae settled to have been annihilated by aristocrat Pamiti during a finish of Kali age as pe Puanic evidence.Accoding to Vayu Puana as good as Matsya Puana, ive Chakshu (Oxus o Amu Daya) flowed nonetheless a counties of Pahlavas, Tushaas, Lampakas, Paadas as good as a Sakas etc .Puanas hang on forces with a Pahlavas with a Kambojas, Sakas, Yavanas as good as Paadas as good as bands them togethe as Pancaganah (fivehodes). These 5 hodes diminutive militay allies of a Haihaya o Taljunga Kshatiyas of Yadava line as good as diminutive unconditionally esponsible fo dethoning aristocrat Bahu of Kosala. Late, aristocrat Sagaa, son of aristocrat Bahu, was equates to to better a Haihayas o Taljungas togethe with these fivehodes. Accoding to Puanic accounts, aristocrat Sagaa had divested a Paadas as good as othe membes of a wellknown Pncagana (i.e. a Sakas, Yavanas, Kambojas as good as Pahlavas) of thei Kshatiyahood as good as tuned them in to a Mlechchas. Befoe thei better during a hands of aristocrat Sagaa, these fivehodes diminutive called Kshatiyapungava (i.e. foemost in between a Kshatiyas).

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